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EtherTap® DSL Service 

PaCLEC's EtherTap DSL Service is now available in Lebanon! 

July 9, 2002 -- PaCLEC is proud to offer it's EtherTap DSL service to customers located in and around center-city Lebanon, PA. Based on proprietary technology, EtherTap DSL is able to operate at faster speeds and to reach users that are further away from the Central Office than other traditional ADSL services available locally. Speeds as high as 7000K (7 Meg) per second can be achieved.

EtherTap DSL's uplink speeds as high as 1024K are well suited for business applications such as web servers. Provisioning can take a little as 3 days, depending primarily on results of line qualification tests to your location. 

PaCLEC's EtherTap DSL service is currently available to end-users through local Internet Service Providers such as EvenLink.

EtherTap is a registered trademark licensed to PaCLEC Corporation.

For More Information Contact:

PaCLEC Corporation
38 S. 8th St.
Tel: 717-279-8000
FAX: 717-279-8001